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Release Date: 31 May 2021


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Aura of Thought


Plainly put, Aura of Thought is a 5-track EP. I released it quite quickly and without notice so that I could free up my schedule to focus on things other than music. For the sake of diving a little deeper, the EP was made during a lower point in my life in which I had been highly reflective of how I made music as an artist.

Music has always been a creative outlet for me but it had also been a way to escape from the negative events of the present day. This constant escapism, coupled with an incredible amount of stress and musical frustration at the time led me to release these 5 tracks as a way to let my head clear out for a few months and to stop ignoring the problems of the present.

I'm not usually inclined to talk a lot about the meaning behind my music because it's supposed to be open to interpretation, but I think it's important to talk about this EP.

'No One To Be Found' was made with the intention to put listeners into a space, make them feel lost. Not much else to say about this one.

'Torn Between Two Worlds' was an attempt to represent how I used music as a form of escapism. The title refers to the idea that at some point you must come back to the real world, but the longer you stay in the worlds you create for yourself, the more severe your problems outside will turn out to be. This is accentuated through the rising intensity across the whole 10 minutes of the track.

'Neverlasting Bliss' represents the fleeting and rare moments in time during mid-2021 when I wouldn't have external stresses and life was all right. These were very brief moments though, hence, 'neverlasting' as opposed to everlasting bliss. It's currently my favourite ambient track I have ever made.

'Longing Release' was one of my better productions across my entire discography. As a track on it's own it doesn't have much meaning.

'Peaceful Conclusions' is the end of the struggle. To be more specific, I anticipated how it would feel when I would finally be done with struggles and stress.

If you already heard this EP before reading this huge wall of text, you might or might not have put as much thought into what it meant as I have. Regardless, I still like to keep things open ended for the sake of your imagination. While you're here though, maybe consider giving it a listen, or share it with some people.