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Release Date: June 27 2022


Endless Paracosm


Exclusive 12' Andromeda Splatter Vinyl

Sleek vinyl splatter design with 8 tracks from the album. Will only be available for a month so be sure not to miss out!

Limited Edition Cassette Tape

Professionally dubbed Turquoise clear cassette tape by Midwest Collective with artwork by JohnMoProductions.

A lost traveller's journey on a foreign world.

This album is an extension to the previous album "Exotic Spaces", a self guided journey through a meticulously polished collection of ChillSynth / SynthWave / Electronic music. This is the most ambitious DavZ album to date.

Thank you to Midwest Collective for facilitating cassettes for this album, and thank you to JohnMo Productions for the amazing artwork. Thanks to Sam, Daniel, Brodie, Decisive Koala and AntFactory for having an early listen back in February. Thanks Bean for pushing my music so hard all the way back in DAVE album and allowing me to get to this position. Thanks to Brinch for the inspiration on the drums in "Breathing Underwater" (and working on the collaboration in Exotic Spaces of course), and massive thanks to anyone else who has influenced and improved the album or any of my other works in any way possible.

Huge thanks to YOU as well. I'm incredibly happy that you're reading this. I love all of you guys for encouraging me to keep going and push my music further every day, and I'm very grateful to make music that you enjoy listening to.