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Release Date: 22 January 2021


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Exotic Spaces

DavZ, AOB, Brinch

Limited Edition Emerald Cassette

Professionally Dubbed Emerald Clear Cassette tape by Midwest Collective with original art by JohnMoProductions.

Exotic Spaces (more colloquially known as DAVE album 2) is a unique collection of music, more accurately described as a collection of 'sonic experiences'.

The album had an accompanying release party here on my Youtube channel.

Transcending all previously set expectations, this 60+ minute album features both vocal and instrumental creative pieces, and works that destroy the borders of genre while still being coherent. This is truly a spiritual successor to the first DAVE album, and if it doesn't take you on a wild adventure, it will at least take you out of one.

Listen to Colossus, Road of Embers or Point Blank if you like high energy styles. For a groovy banger, check out Goose Bass or Chemical Cruise. If you want to hear an ambient soundscape, then listen to Nimbus. Listen to anything here, honestly.

This album wouldn't be possible without the support of the WSAP discord server, full of friends and fellow artists who have helped me shape the work I have made to it's best result. Thank you so much! https://soundcloud.com/wesuckatproducing

Massive thanks to the Chillsynth community for their extra help and relentless support in my work, and thank you to Electronic Gems who featured Wavestation from DAVE album and Orion on their Youtube Channel, which gave me the confidence to complete another album so soon. www.youtube.com/c/ElectronicGems/

I also thank Yeffs and Brinch for their brilliant participation, which will hopefully set a collaborative EP underway with other artists. I absolutely loved working with these unique and underrated musicians, and they deserve much more attention than they currently have.

It cannot go without saying just how grateful I am to have Midwest Collective on board with the album, marking this album my first ever album that is released on cassette, and I am especially grateful for JohnMoProductions (Analog Collage) for the new album cover that he has created.

Also thanks to Wrighter, Sam, Trashman, Uvi Chaos, Legetroo, Bozzlie, Bean, AntFactory (and the variety of other people I haven't mentioned but you know who you are) for their frequent assistance and feedback with the album and it's corresponding tracks.

Stellar Wind with AOB / AnthonyBastard / Yeffs

Road of Embers with Brinch

Artwork by JohnMoProductions

Tapes by Midwest Collective