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Release Date: 2017 - 2021


Space-Time Wasteland


This is just some of the countless number of renders I have on my computer that I never got around to finishing. These are sorted in an arbitrary order, not chronologically or alphabetically, and a lot of them aren't very good. For context though, DAVE album was released back in 2020. A lot of these projects are before then.

Kinda wanted to put out a rough cut demo collection of my own after thoroughly enjoying "The Atlantic Tapes" and "Resting State" by HOME, as well as "Unreleased Archive" by A.L.I.S.O.N .

It's sometimes a little difficult to finish a project that was started a long time ago, or sometimes something goes wrong and you lose the entire thing. Eventually one must move on to focus on bigger and brighter projects and evolve as an artist, so here are these older projects for all of you to enjoy (or cringe at).

Some tracks were converted from a low quality mp3 format to .wav in order to support the upload formats on Bandcamp. This is because I did not have access to the original project files sometimes.

Feel free to use these tracks on Youtube videos, but there is a possibility I might finish some of these projects and then put separate licenses on them.

Thanks for enjoying my work <3